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  • Warm c...Warm congratulations Shang Hai Chen You ...
    Established in 2014, Shang Hai Chen You Business Management Co.,Ltd. is a developing creative operation company with enterprise management, store operation, marketing planning and execution
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  • Frozen...Frozen To Eat, Is Smooth Aftertaste
    Take home on the refrigerator in the refrigerator, put a while and then remove the cut, bite one, to bring you "ice cream" like smooth texture, Icy refreshing taste, and heart-shaped flow of soft heat is completely Different flavors, so you can not stop.
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  • Cheese...Cheese Tart Hot To Eat, Is The Unrestrai...
    Just out of the cheese tart, scent overflowing, to stimulate the taste, with a warm strength, smoking more to eat it can feel the unique pond heart presented by the sweet and delicate. Do not eat too fast, be careful hot yo!
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  • The Ro...The Roast Method Of Cheese Tart
    Good ingredients can not be separated from the production process - Hokkaido Cheese Tart founder of the pro-grant of the double burning method: first baked pizza skin, then add cheese and then baked again
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